The Bayou Grace Environmental Outreach program is designed to build public awareness regarding the coastal land loss, restoration and protection issues facing southern Louisiana. Through a hands-on approach to education, the Environmental Outreach program utilizes partnerships to foster stewardship in the bayou communities.

Bayou Grace offers out-of-town and local volunteer groups the opportunity to affect the environmental health of the 5 Bayous, as well as the opportunity to help local residents recover from recent disasters. Volunteer groups may participate in restorative marsh plantings, invasive species removal, native species gardening,  debris clean-up, and other activities to promote the health of our estuary.

Bayou Grace offers thought-provoking volunteer experiences that increase understanding and awareness of the problems facing coastal Louisiana and invite discourse on solutions. In addition, the Environmental Outreach program encourages participants to become advocates for coastal Louisiana in their own communities. Contact Bayou Grace to schedule a volunteer opportunity!

If you or your group would like to volunteer with us please email Jenny Dupre at for more information.

Bayou Grace planting